Building for a Generation


Building Update

We’re breaking ground on the new North Campus children’s addition at the Back to School Picnic on August, 20.


 Campaign Purpose & Goals

Vineyard Church is committed to reaching Kansas City for Christ and His Kingdom. Despite space limitations of our current facilities, we are growing quickly and average 2,600 people over our weekend services. This includes over 1,200 children and youth who come here each week for the amazing ministries and weekend programs offered. In addition to this, we also average 230 children and youth who come each week for AWANA & Connect Wednesday. We have reached a wall of sorts and the Building for a Generation campaign will allow us to raise money to meet our ministry and outreach needs.

Through the 2013-2015 campaign, we were able to raise over $1,000,000 towards our $4,000,000 goal. With these funds, we were able to remodel existing children’s spaces and classrooms at the North Campus, move the Brighton Campus into a larger theater and open the Liberty Campus at Belvoir Winery.

We still need $3,000,000 to accomplish the 3 primary goals for this campaign.  Would you be willing to give to help us meet these goals?

Purpose and Goals

With the success of this program, we will be able to make room for new believers and provide quality growth opportunities. Our three goals for this campaign are:

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Build Educational Addition

Expand our children and youth facilities by building new classrooms and remodeling existing spaces at the North Campus. These spaces will be used on the weekends for children’s ministry; and, during the week for new outreach programs to help youth explore the arts and other potential after school activities that will engage youth and their parents.

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Scholarship Fund

As a church, we feel it is valuable to assist high school students and young adults who feel a passionate calling to lead and serve the local church. The “Vineyard Church Scholarship Fund” will provide qualified Vineyard Church members with financial assistance to pursue a theological degree at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary while affording them the opportunity to stay and serve at Vineyard Church. This is a “win” for both the individual and our church body.


8 in 8 Regional Campuses

This goal is part of our mission as a church: “To build a Christian community by making fully devoted disciples of non-religious or nominally religious people.” We want to equip, train and develop people with a passion to start more churches to reach more people for Jesus. It’s what Jesus commanded us to do. We already have 3 regional campus locations established and growing; plus a church plant at Vineyard KC West in Piper Kansas. Over the next 8 years, we would like to establish 8 more church communities – either as regional campus locations or as church plants. A portion of the capital raised in this campaign will be used to pay for equipment, rent space, and hire additional staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will building help us reach more people for Christ and make disciples?

One of our visions is to have 8 church plants or regional campuses in 8 years. Our primary objective with each of these locations is to reach new people in new communities who currently don’t have a church home. As God provides the right locations and the right leadership team, we need to be prepared to act. We believe that we are commanded to go out and make disciples of Jesus. The regional campus model has become a successful approach for doing this.

The Brighton Campus (our first regional campus) is now over 5 years old and has grown successfully in reaching the community for Jesus; so much so that it is full most every weekend. We have reached capacity for several children’s ministry age groups and there are several time and space limitations that constrain the campus. It’s time to explore our options for reaching more people through the Brighton Campus.

Our North Campus children and youth spaces are nearing capacity and we have a responsibility to provide the leadership and resources to help our children grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus. Providing additional space for children and youth will allow our entire church body to grow, love and serve our community better than ever before. We believe these spaces can be used during the week to help youth explore the arts, engage with other youth in after-school programs, and help families. Plus, all of our small groups, classes and ministries will benefit by having more room to grow and make disciples.

How will we pay for this?

We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us a vision to reach children and youth in Kansas City area for Christ’s Kingdom. We have faith that God will provide what we need to accomplish that vision. With Gods help and our sacrificial giving, we will reach our financial goals and be able to build this addition. Allowing us to leave a legacy of sacrifice and faith for future generations to see Gods enduring love for His people.

How can you help?

First and foremost, please pray regularly for our Building for a Generation campaign. Participate in the events and meetings. Make a commitment to learn about the details and the vision of the campaign.  Secondly, give sacrificially. Gods has prepared all of us for such a time as this. The vision God has granted us can only be achieved through faith and sacrifice.