Volunteer at Vineyard Church

You are an important part of Vineyard Church and with your help we are reaching thousands of people’s practical needs and with the love of God.  Every Vineyard member is a minister.

Volunteer at Easter

Volunteer for an Easter service


Volunteer At Any Weekend Service

Brighton Campus Teams: Jennifer Reese

Liberty Campus Teams:Shane Coon

Worship Team: Kelly Martin

Youth Worship Team: Jessica Kennell

Emergency Medical Team:  Rachel Miller

North Campus Greeters & Ushers: Rachel Miller

North Campus Coffee Station: Rachel Miller

All Campuses KOTV kids & nursery:  Connie Barkalow

North Campus Joy Ministry special needs services:  Connie Barkalow

North Campus H20 middle school services: Denise Bearce

North Campus The Rock high school services: Jessica Siercks

All Campus Video Team: Curt Bartlett


Volunteer During the Week

Day-Time Office Volunteers: Sharon James

Bulletin Stuffing Team: Sharon James

Communications Team: Heather Chatlos

H2O Connect Wednesdays (August-May): Denise Bearce

Awana (August-May):  Connie Barkalow

KOTV kid’s summer events:  Connie Barkalow

Christmas & Thanksgiving Meal Packing Teams: Allie Markley

Christmas Gift Packing Team:  Allie Markley

Kindness 2 Go Packing Teams (quarterly):  Allie Markley

The Rock High School Events: Jessica Siercks

H2O Middle School Events: Denise Bearce


Vineyard Church Ministries

Stephen Ministry: Connie Mueller

Oaks of Righteousness: Connie Mueller

Celebrate Recovery: Connie Mueller

Women’s Ministry: Nancy Mabry

STOP Trafficking: Jody Barrett

Immigrant & Refugee Care: Nancy Mabry

Local Outreach & Events 

Backsnack Packing Team (August-May): Allie Markley

Food Pantry (Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Saturdays): Carla Deason

Harvesters:  Allie Markley

Convoy of Hope (annual event):  Allie Markley

Beauty for Ashes: Gina Hanna