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Who We Are

The Digital Evangelism Ministry consists of multiple ministry teams. We are a passionate bunch with a wide variety of skills. Our teams include: photographers, graphic designers, online marketers, videographers, audio engineers, and a whole bunch of people with a passion to love on people. Most of us call Vineyard Church in Kansas City home but all are welcome to join our teams.

What we do

Simply put, we use online and digital tools to reach people for Jesus. Through our various teams, we create online content, police our online communities, and spend time reaching out to people in other online communities. There are a lot of ways you can serve in the Digital Evangelism Ministry.

Meet the Teams

Online Street Team  

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The online street team is one of easiest ways to serve at Vineyard. You can do it from anywhere, even wearing your PJs. The primary goal of the street team is to help promote the content that we’re creating on social media. Message videos, Bible verses, testimonies, etc. Any of these can be an introduction to Jesus that changes someone’s life. Each week, I send out an email to everyone in the digital evangelism ministry with links to sharable content. The only thing you will need to do is join the mailing list and start sharing.  


Online Outreach Team  

There are a lot of dark places on the internet. Our online outreach team picks a handful of locations online to go and love on people. It’s less megaphone on a street corner and more a hug and a word of encouragement when you need it most. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors and the internet has provided us some amazing opportunities to do so.  


Content Creation Team 

It takes a lot of work and teamwork from creative people to create all the content that you see the church put out. This team helps create social media posts, posters, marketing materials, videos, podcasts, etc. The team includes, photographers, graphic designers, online marketers, writers, audio editors, project managers and many other skill sets. If you want to help with something we’re already doing or have an idea for something new, we want your help.  


Online Prayer Team 

The Online Prayer Team prays for people during and after our online services. It’s incredibly powerful to pray for someone in their time of need. Now with digital tools, we can pray for someone across the country on their worst day.  




Think of moderators as the sheriffs of our online community. Most of the time, they smile and welcome people to our online communities. But sometimes they are called upon to help keep our online communities safe. That could look like helping people understand the purpose of our online communities or kicking someone out who is stirring up trouble. Either way our moderators are the backbone of our online communities.  



Online Small Group Team 

Hosting a small group is an awesome way to help people get connected and grow closer to Jesus. Hosting small groups online opens some new opportunities to meet with people who live in different locations.  


Thanks for your interest in the Digital Evangelism Ministry. Reaching people online is my mission and I’m always blown away by the generosity, compassion, creativity, and drive of the people in this community. We’ve got some exciting plans in the works for the future of our online ministries here at Vineyard. I can’t wait to see what we build together. If you’ve got questions about our online ministries email me anytime at

- John Mann
Online Campus Pastor