Dollar To GO Project | March 16-April 28 2019

Vineyard Kids is partnering with Global Orphan Project and helping to give the gift of education by purchasing required uniforms to attend school. Each uniform costs $20. Our goal is to provide 50 children with a new uniform.


Back to School Supplies Drive | July 15-18 2019

Vineyard Kids is collecting school supplies for area children who can’t afford them. Each grade has its own item to donate which can be dropped off in the West lobby during VBS.

4 years old- Crayons (2 packs)

5 years old- Pencils (2 Packs)

Kindergarten- Colored Pencils 12 count

1st- Classic marker 8 count (2 packs)

2nd- Glue sticks  (2 packs)

3rd-Loose leaf wide lined paper (2 packs)

4th-Spiral notebook (2)

5th- College ruled notebook paper (2 packs)

Gifts of Grace-Reaching others for christ through generosity

October 19-November 24

Vineyard Kids is partnering with Beauty for Ashes Ministry to provide practical items to those in prison.  Scripture tells us to “Remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison.” Hebrews 13:3

Each age group is donating a different item to help fill 130 gift bags that will be given at their annual Christmas banquet at Lansing Correctional Men's facility.

4 years-Kindergarten- Gift Wrap (small roll or pack)

1st Grade- Adult Toothbrush (2)

2nd- Full size Toothpaste (2)

3rd- Full size shampoo

4th- Full size soap

5th- Full Size deodorant

Brighton- Hot Cocoa (33 boxes)

Liberty- Mini Marshmallows (15 bags)

North Kansas City- Microwave Popcorn (260 pack