Summer Intensive

For those who have been leading & begin to feel a call on their life toward Pastoral Ministry, this 6-week course is a great overview of pastoral life in the church that will sift your calling. It is made up of:

  • Spiritual Formation- Celebration of Discipline Class & Theological Training
  • Leadership Growth-  6 key classes from the 401 series
  • Ministry Experience- In your area of service & church-wide service projects
  • Skill Development- Ministry Specific Training


Our church staff and guest teachers will provide a clear view of ministry life in the local church that will answer the deepest questions of an emerging leader, “Is this what I was made for?” and then “What do I do now?”

Vineyard Scholarship Fund

Vineyard’s Scholarship fund helps train and equip young people who feel a pastoral calling.

The fund provides financial support for undergraduate and graduate studies in Biblical studies, theology, and practical pastoral ministries at Midwestern Baptist College and creates more opportunities for young people to follow their life’s calling to become a pastor.

Donate to the Scholarship Fund by designating “Building for a Generation.”