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Getting connected to a new church can be difficult. We'd love to help. Stop by the NEXT area after service and we'll get to know you, answer your questions, and help you navigate your first few steps here at Vineyard Church.

First Steps Class

The First Steps class is a 75-minute introduction to Vineyard that gives an overview of the ministries and resources of the church, an outline of NEXT, and an invitation to follow Jesus and be baptized. People attending First Steps will have an opportunity to meet with a First Steps Guide, someone who will walk with them to build a plan for next steps, find a small group, and get signed up for the Discovering Your Story and Calling weekend event. The goal is to get people engaged quickly and find a place to be planted (Matthew 13).

Discover Your story & Calling

In the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing the Discover Your Story and Calling class. In this class, you will walk through a life mapping exercise as well as an inventory that helps you identify your wiring and calling. You’ll leave this class with a better understanding of how your history and makeup are being redeemed toward a future of purpose.