Online small groups bring with them some additional challenges over traditional groups. Answer each of the following questions to make sure you’re prepared to host your online small group.

When will your group meet?
Setting a meeting time is vitally important to the success of your online small group. Most groups meet once a week for the duration of a semester. Even more so than a traditional in person group it’s important that your group members commit to being prompt.

How will your group meet?
The are many different platforms you can use for your online small group. If you’re wanting to use video conferencing software we’ve had good luck with Zoom and Google Hangouts. You are welcome to meet however you’d like. We’ve had some groups keep it as simple as a group phone call. Whatever you choose please make sure everyone in your group is setup on your platform of choice prior to your first meeting.

Zoom Video

  • Unlimited Participants

  • Free and Paid Options

  • Free accounts limited to 40 min calls

  • Zoom account not required for participants (only host must set up a zoom account)

  • Software must be downloaded and set up prior to meeting

Google Hangouts

  • Limited to 10 Participants

  • Free to use

  • No limits on call duration

  • All participants must have a Google Account

  • Software (Chrome Browser) must be downloaded and set up prior to meeting

What type of content will your group use?
Each small group is a little different. Some groups will choose a book of bible to go through. Some groups will find informative content elsewhere, like a video series or small group study. Some groups meet weekly to discuss the weekend sermons. For online groups we typically recommend that each group member watches or reads the content on their own and then meets online with the rest of the group to discuss it.

Right Now Media

Right Now Media is an online library of video based studies. Think of it like the Netflix of bible studies. If you don't have an account click below to request access and setup your free account. 

Approved Studies

Here is a list of approved studies for those who have not completed 301.

Leader Training

If you are already leading a small group or are interested in learning about leading one we've got some resources for you. 

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