What is an online small group?

An online small group is 3-12 people getting together online to connect while growing in faith and having fun. We encourage everyone in our community to join a small group because life was not meant to be lived alone. 

Who are they for?

Hosting an online small group is a great option that allows you to include people in your group that would have a hard time getting to a traditional small group. This can include someone that lives far away or someone who has a difficult schedule. We’ve had groups of parents that meet later in the evening when their kids have gone to sleep.

Three steps to Start an Online SMall Group


Sign Up

We’re excited that you’re interested in starting an online small group. Click the link below to sign up to lead a group.

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Prepare your Group

It’s important that everyone is ready to go before you start meeting. Click below for a guide on preparing you group for their first meeting.


Host a Meeting

You’ve done all the preparations. Now it’s time to host your small group. We pray that you’ll become closer to each other and become closer to God.