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Why do we need another generosity campaign?

Vineyard Church is committed to reach people for Christ. On several Sundays throughout the year, our current campuses reach capacity. Our General Fund offerings provide for operational costs and ministry programing, but our Generosity Campaign contributions to the Building Fund pay for new facilities and equipment needed for ministry. This is why contributions to REACH 2020 are above and beyond your normal tithe and general giving. Without a two-year generosity campaign and ongoing contributions to the Building Fund, we wouldn't have funding for additional space. 

"5 in 5 Vision": Expanding God's Kingdom

Over the next five years, we want to equip people to launch five regional campuses or church plants. Each takes considerable funding and resources to provide meeting space and to purchase the necessary tools and equipment. Over the past 10 years, we've established five church meeting locations in the Kansas City metro area. We believe that the campus model is a solid and sucessful approach for expanding the Kingdom and making disciples. We believe that God is calling us to go and build more communities in the metro area and throughout Kansas & Missouri. 

As opportunities arise with leaders and facilities, we need to be prepared to act. Often, money is the primary ingredient missing when these opportunities arise. REACH 2020 will help provide funding needed to act and to  further our mission: "To build a Christian community by making fully devoted disciples of non-religious and nominally religious people."

Why add regional campuses?

Each campus provides a new opportunity to reach people in communities who wouldn't drive to our current campus locations. 

Each Campus...

  • Is a vibrant and significant expansion of the Vineyard Church DNA - one church in multiple locations.

  • Is a church home that welcomes people with a campus pastor; live modern worship music; quality children and youth programs; and great small group communities. People experience the same great, practical and applicable weekend message at each campus.

  • Provides more opportunities for people to share and serve with their time, talents and treasure.

  • Creates a variety of ministry activities, classes, and events, which fuel connection and build a stronger church community.

Rather than building new, bigger worship spaces - which take years to complete and cost millions of dollars to construct, equipment and maintain -  we can launch a church campus in an established location at far less cost and quickly reach people. 


How can you help?

  • First and foremost, pray regularly for our Reach 2020 campaign.

  • Participate in events and meetings

  • Register to come to a Vision Gathering

  • Make a commitment to learn about details and vision of the campaign.

  • Give sacrificially. The vision God has provided us can only be achieved through faith and sacrifice. We ask that you prayerfully consider giving a monthly commitment for two years above and beyond your tithe. Even the smallest amount helps us get closer to our God-given goals to reach the metro for Christ.

Reach 2020 Goals

"5 in 5 Vision"

Launch five new campuses or church plants over the next five years

Vineyard Academic Scholarship Fund

Invest in the next generation of church leaders

Vineyard Academic Scholarship Fund

As a church, we feel it's valuable to invest in the growth and development of our members who feel a passionate calling to pastoral ministry in the local church. 

The "Vineyard Academic Scholarship Fund"provides qualified Vineyard Church members with finacial assistance to pursue an undergraduate or graduate theology degree at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, while giving them the opportunity to serve at Vineyard Church. 

This is a "win" for both the individual and for our church body.