What is a small Group?

A small group is 3-15 people getting together each week to connect while growing in faith and having fun. We encourage everyone in our community to join a small group because life was not meant to be lived alone. 

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How to Join A Small Group.

The two weekends before each semester (spring, summer, and fall) we host connect weekends at all of our campuses when we encourage people to sign up for a small group. You can sign up online at the link below or on the Vineyard app. The summer semester groups will be added below by the first Connect Weekend (May 18, 2019) and the summer semester will begin the week of June 2nd.

START A Small group

Are you wanting to start a new group? Great! Click the link below. We’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help you start a group.

online small groups

Meet with a group of people online to form community and explore discipleship together. Using online platforms we can make it easier than ever to live life in community.

women’s ministry

The Vineyard Women’s Ministry is made up of several women’s small groups and ministries. They gather monthly and put on other events for women throughout the year.


RightNow Media

RightNow Media is an online library of video-based small group studies. Think of it like the Netflix of Bible studies. We subscribe as a church. If you would like to request access and set up your free account, fill out the form below.

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Leader Training

If you are already leading a small group we've got some resources for you. 


Here is a list of studies everyone at Vineyard Church should go through at least once.